Valeriya Murzak

Valeriya is a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor, certified by Real Pilates, New York, a classical Pilates training programme. She has completed a vigorous 600 hour programme to deliver classes that will provide a great Pilates workout, while observing the principles of Pilates in order to achieve the best results from the system!

Prior to her Pilates career, Valeriya has toured the world as a professional circus artist, performing hand balance and aerial routines for over 22 years. Combining her understanding of movement and Pilates, Valeriya can deliver unique programmes to achieve your health and fitness goals.

‘I used to suffer from lower and upper back pain after years of working as a professional circus artist and developing functional scoliosis. I also travelled the world, which meant spending hours on a plane. This not only worsened my back pain, it also effected my performance. I discovered Pilates to help manage my scoliosis and prolong my performing career, and quickly realised how it can help many people with the issues from all walks of life.

Now offering small group reformer and tower group classes, as well as private and semi private sessions at Standout Performance.

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